Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Pinwheel Quilt

Hi everyone. My last post contained a photo of a quilt which I made that I am extremely proud of. I decided that to follow up on this I would include it as the subject of my next blog post.

I regularly attend craft shows and have purchased quilt kits over the years. This quilt was one such purchase. It  features in the book ‘Gift’ by Rosalie Quinlan.

The majority of the quilt is pinwheel blocks. It also contains some border strips.
I had the quilt professionally machine quilted from edge to edge. 

I have another kit from this book in my stash, waiting to be done. This is the quilt featured on the front cover of the book. It involves a lot of appliqué. I will have to trial it as I am uncertain if I will needle turn or machine appliqué these blocks. This is a project I hope to tackle this year.

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