Friday, 27 September 2013

Fabric Flower Tutorial

Hello everyone. Today I have a flower tutorial to share with you. I absolutely love adding flowers to my projects. I also love flowers that are constructed in different ways. As I can sew, I often look at how things are constructed and attempt to recreate them myself....saves money!

- calico
- decorative centre
- sewing machine
- gathering foot
- felt circle
- needle
- thread

1. Die cut a small circle out of felt.
2. Cut a strip of calico that measures 30cm x 2 inches.
3.Fold strip a few times and using fabric scissors, cut scallops along the edge.
4. Attach a gathering foot to your sewing machine and change settings to longest stitch length and the highest thread tension setting.
5. Sew along the edge. (Hint: I have had the best success with placing the gathering foot so that the edge of the foot touches the edge of the fabric).
6. Trim to your sewn line.
7. Position your gathered fabric into your desired shape and using a needle and thread sew onto the felt circle.
8. Attach your decorative centre.

Below is a video tutorial for you to view as well. I hope you'll give this a try!

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  1. Thank you for sharing how you made your flowers, it looks soft and so pretty.. My old machine does not gather but I could always just sew a plain stitch and pull the cotton to make it gather.. Your flower looks lovely on your tag!


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