Thursday, 16 January 2020

Wildlife Pouches

Hello everyone! I hope that you are well. Like everyone, I have felt compelled to do something to assist in some way with the bushfires. Although donating money is one way, crafters all around the world are supporting the animals which have been affected by the fires by making items. Inspired by this I have joined in and have been sewing as well.

I discovered the above group on Facebook. Once you join, you have access to information plus the patterns. You also see the projects completed by other crafters as well. You need to click on the announcements tab to find information about items are needed. At the time, there was a need for pouches which is what I started with.

These are my XX small pouches. These will help sugar gliders and unfurred possums.

These are my X small pouches. These will assist ringtail possums and bandicoots.


These are my small pouches. These will help bushtail possums and koalas.

In total, I am able to contribute
XXS 3 Outer 9 Liners
XS 4 Outer 9 Liners
S 2 Outer 4 Liners

At the moment, the group is having a stocktake and is asking crafters to wait for the next call out.  Check the page for inspiring stories, information and also take a look at the patterns. I used fabric that I had in my stash and you might be surprised with what you have that might be of use.

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