Sunday, 10 May 2020

1000 hearts project for #Santa Strong

Hello everyone! I hope that you are safe and well. As well as a crafter, I am a full time primary school teacher. An initiative my school implemented was the 1000 Hearts.

The explanation shared by the Head of Mission and Identity as to why my school would participate in this initiative is as follows:

"The project is based around small pocket hearts which are handmade by you and stitched with love and good intentions. Over our time in isolation we will make our hearts and when we physically come back together as a community I hope that we will be able to bring back with us at least 1000 hearts. We can then give these hearts to everyone in our community as well as use some to make a beautiful wall hanging that will be a constant reminder to our community that when times were the toughest and most isolated we remained connected and we cared for each other."

Of course I had to join in!

This post is photo heavy...sorry!
These were my first hearts, using the template supplied with the kit I received.

This is my next heart....the title given to all co-curricular activities connected to remote learning.
Next I went rustic...I used some more of craft supplies from my stash and pulled out some of Memory Box dies.

I used some of the fabric from my 1000 heart kit in these hearts.

My final hearts....some embroidery and a few embellishments from Memory Box dies.

The final result.

I really enjoyed making these hearts and learning new skills on the way.


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