Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Religious Applique

Hello everyone. I have been having a little break from my paper crafts to complete some other craft projects. I teach at a Private Catholic school. When we celebrate mass, we have a special folder for Father which contains a printout of the mass. The current mass folder is becoming a little worn, so I was asked by our REC if I could update it.

The image was selected from the front cover of our Easter mass booklet. I traced it and created an applique. As it was a stained glass image, I had to draw and cut out each section, adhere into place using a fusible stabiliser then I set my machine to a small zig zag and stitched it into place. This was time intensive and so well worth it.

There is a space above this image which I think needs something. When school goes back I'm sure someone will have a suggestion. Here is a photo of the old mass folder with my creation.

This is a short post. I am working on a few things and will post them when I'm finished. I have about three unfinished projects that I would like to have finally finished so fingers crossed!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. That looks beautiful Cathy! Love the colorful stained glass! Wish we could have me when I visited Sydney a few months ago!


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