Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Been a bit quiet lately....

Hi everyone.

Things have been quiet on my blog lately. I injured my right finger two weeks ago (am right handed) and am still in recovery mode. I cut my finger quite deeply whilst washing up and required a few stitches. The stitches are out but my hand still gets very sore and tired. School is busy, its report time and they have been so supportive. I have so many supportive colleagues, friends and family and I am thankful. I am still trying to get back back on track...but its a bit slow. My headaches/migraines still worry me  and hopefully I can get my health back on track really soon.

I will have some things to share soon.

Thanks for your patience

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  1. Sorry to hear of your injury, Cathy. I hope you are better soon and back to crafting! ♥

  2. Oh that is not good about your headaches, and I hope your finger heals totally soon too...

  3. Sending you healing {{{hugs}}} and cheerful good wishes Cathy! Hope you're feeling much, much better very soon!

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  5. I was just on Google+ looking to see why you haven't posted anything lately. I needed my Cathy card fix :) Sorry that you were injured. OUCH! Hopefully the soreness goes away soon and those darn migraines. My husband has been going through one migraine after another the past few weeks so I understand and really feel for you. *hugs*


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